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There was a time when kites were flown all round the year in Kathmandu, so the story goes. Whenever people of the Valley had time to spare, they would go to the fields with their lattai and start flying their kites. They would not think much about the inconvenience the birds of the Valley were facing.

Every day, a number of birds got entangled in the manjha and others suffered cuts. This ruffled their feathers (literally).

A delegation of birds met the king and demanded that the people be stopped from flying kites. …



Environment pollution is a burning issue in the whole world. Pollution can’t get stop but we can minimize it. According to the (WHO) World Health Organization report ; one-fourth of the global total deaths are attributable to environmental issues. There are more than 100 diseases which may be resulted by environmental risk factors such as air , water , soil , noise , and radiations pollutions.


Pollution are of different types according to the areas like air pollution, land pollution, water pollution and so on.

Air pollution is the pollution on air caused due to the…

Jagdeep Baral

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